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Welcome To Our Website

We are so glad that you stopped by! Les and Friends is a studio based project that began in 2014. We hope that you enjoy what you see and what you hear. Please feel free to check out the “About Us” page to find out more about us.

In the “Music” section, learn about our CD releases and hear samples of our music. If you like what you hear, there are “Purchase” links on each page for that particular CD or download card. Also, direct downloads are available through Bandcamp. Use the Bandcamp download link to access these. In addition, our CDs and singles are also available through online stores worldwide such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Itunes and others. In the “Video” section watch a variety of different videos including Les and Friends selections, Les and Sandi videos, some of Les’s classical guitar videos, and some videos featuring our work with our friends in the DRM Band.

Breaking News

11/26/2021 Happy Thanksgiving to all. Today a new HD edition of “The Videos” is scheduled for release.

5/28/2021 Today we are announcing the release of our first DVD project. “The Videos” will contain 15 of our best videos in one place. The scheduled release date is 6/14/2021

5/28/2021 Les and Sandi will be performing live concerts at Salisbury Beach, MA and Hampton Beach, NH this summer with our friends in the DRM Band. Dates will be announced soon.

5/28/2021 We released our newest video “Tired Of Toein’ The Line.”

4/30/2021 We released our newest video “Change My Heart O God.”

3/9/2021 We released our newest video “Hold Me Tight.” Single release is slated for 3/19/2021 through Ditto Music.

3/2/2021 Psalm 150 released to online stores worldwide.

2/27/2021 We released our newest video “Psalm 150.” Single release is slated for 3/2/2021 through Ditto Music.

1/20/2021 New versions of Just Doodling and Classical Gas were uploaded today. Just Doodling (2021) is a total remake of the 2019 version released on Nickel. Classical Gas is the original video with a couple of tweaks.

10/3/2020 Les and Sandi perform virtually for the Hope United Festival hosted by Rolling Ridge Conference & Retreat Center.

6/12/2020 Universal Music Group releases it’s Facebook block of Where You Lead.

Our Latest Videos

Find more videos on our “Videos” page.

You will find even more videos on our YouTube channel

Les and Friends consist of:

the husband and wife team of Les and Sandi Hamlett.

We have been blessed with having many musically talented friends. Some of those very talented people have helped us along the way as contributing musicians and artists. These friends are so important to us in the making of our music that we wanted to somehow acknowledge them. The lineup changes from project to project so we acknowledge them in total as the “Friends” in Les and Friends.

Les Hamlett
Sandi Hamlett
The Videos – Now Available In HD

Our video DVD “The Videos” is now available in HD video. Click here to learn more.

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