Full Speed Ahead EP

Additional musical contributions by:

Bob Peabody: Lead or supporting vocals on virtually the entire CD. Thank you Bob!
Pre-Release Reviewers: Sheila Harris, Jim Stanley

Full Speed Ahead

Release Date: August 24, 2015

Track List 
1. Leave Him For Dead
2. Chicken Little
3. Just Come
4, Fools Gold
5, His Call
6. Riff In D

Chicken Little

Leave Him For Dead

Full Speed Ahead was born after I had experienced the most difficult time of my life. After being a Christian and a musician since I was twelve years old, all of a sudden I was questioning if I would ever again be a musician or a follower of Christ. God, however, had other plans and these songs were born out of that experience.

Because I didn’t have much money or viable equipment to make a recording, Full Speed Ahead is more of a demo quality recording and was released as a six song demo EP. I made this recording because the songs were worth hearing. Playing live as part of the DRM Band, songs such as Leave Him For Dead, Chicken Little and His Call were regular parts of our set list. On several opportunities, people came to me after a show to tell me how much songs from this EP touched their lives.

A special shout to Bob Peabody who was instrumental in the making of not only this CD but also in the making of the Where You Lead CD.

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