Check out our musical offerings here in the music section. Use the drop down menu or click on the CD picture to navigate to the landing page for that specific CD. From there you can read about the CD, play samples and purchase music. There are CDs and download cards available for all of our projects. You can order music in the following ways:

  • Purchase a CD by local pickup or at a show. No shipping charges apply.
  • Purchase a download card through this website. Follow the instructions on the download card to pay and download. No shipping charges apply.
  • Purchase a CD through this website. Shipping charges applies to CD shipments.
  • Purchase a direct download of any release at No shipping charges apply.
  • Purchase a direct download of Where You Lead or Full Speed Ahead at No shipping charges apply.

If you wish to purchase the entire catalog of 3 CDs you can do so on this page. Pricing is $15 for the 3 CDs or 3 download cards. Get all 3 CDs plus download cards for $20.

We have also released three “digital download only” singles. The singles Hear My Prayer Where You Lead and Joy To The World are available at online music stores worldwide such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Itunes and others. Find out more about these by clicking “The Singles” underneath “Music.” 

“The Videos,” our DVD release, is mot part of the CD package. It is available separately for purchase either here or for local pickup. Click here for more information

Important Information Regarding Bandcamp Purchases

3 CDs With Download Cards

$20 + $4 shipping


3 CD’s

$15 + $4 shipping


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