Additional musical contributions by:

Donnie Gaudreau: Keyboards on Psalm 4 Today

Rich Gaudreau: Lead vocal on Sheep And Goats

Pre-Release Reviewers: Dave and Nancy Barnaby

Rich Gaudreau appears courtesy of the Rich Gaudreau Band


Release Date: July 7, 2019

Track List
1. Hear My Prayer
2. Sheep And Goats
3. Nickel
4. She Hit Me With A Can Of Peas
5. Psalm 4 Today
6. Just Doodlin
7. Tree Of Life
8. My Great Shepherd

Hear My Prayer

Psalm 4 Today

Nickel is the third CD project by Les and Friends. This project was started almost three years ago and was interrupted for over a year due to the untimely loss of my granddaughter. We picked up the project again the last quarter of 2018. Nickel was released on July 7, 2019 on schedule.

Nickel is the first CD that was done completely in house, from conception to production. We normally outsource mastering, disk reproduction and printing. This time around we controlled the entire process.

The CD price for Nickel has been replaced with a suggested donation. All proceeds from sales of this CD will be donated to the Dasia Routier Foundation For The Arts. If someone really desires a CD and truly cannot afford one, we will provide one at reduced or no cost. We are hoping that there may be people that enjoy the music, sympathize with the cause that can and do more. If you can do that, we would appreciate that from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

Suggested Donation $5

The suggested donation is $5.00. If you purchase through this website you will only be able to purchase at the $5.00 donation price. If you cannot afford the suggested donation for Nickel please click here

Both CD’s and Download Cards are available for purchase. Shipping for CD’s is $2.50 while there is no shipping costs for download cards.

Nickel CD

$5 + $2.50 shipping


Nickel Download Card

$5 + free shipping


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