This page is dedicated to the singles released by Les and Friends

Hold Me Tight: We hope you have as much fun with this video as we had making it. This is a cover a The Beatles track from their very first Capitol release Meet The Beatles.

Psalm 150: Psalm 150 is a scripture based song with a funky Latin influenced beat. The song features the tight, multilayered harmonies of Sandi Hamlett. Psalm 150 is scheduled for worldwide release on March 2, 2021.

Hear My Prayer: Hear My Prayer is the single release from the CD Nickel. The lyrics, especially the chorus, are a declaration of our faith and what we believe. The song features a great lead vocal and layered backing track, all done by Sandi, and a jangly vintage Gretsch guitar sound.

Joy To The World: Joy To The World is a “classical hiphop funky rocker” whose inspiration came when looking for a song to play on the classical guitar for Communion Sunday. It quickly and unexpectedly turned from a solo classical piece to the full arrangement you hear on the single in less than a week. It is our Christmas surprise of 2019.

Where You Lead: The Where You Lead CD was originally released in 2016. The CD was given a facelift with a remix and remaster in March 2020. This single release is from the 2020 remaster. The new single release features a more defined bottom, more present vocals end the removal of some muddiness in the upper lows.

Price $1.00 per single

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The Singles – Les and Friends

Hear My Prayer: Released August 29, 2019

Joy To The World: Released December 14, 2019

Where You Lead (Remastered): Released March 24, 2020

Psalm 150: Released March 2, 2021

Hold Me Tight: Released March 19, 2021

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