Where You Lead (Remastered)

Additional musical contributions by:
Mike Sylvester: Electric guitar and co-songwriter on Babeloney
Dave Spaulding: Keyboards on Stony Heart
Bob Peabody: Lead or supporting vocals on virtually the entire CD. Thank you Bob!
Pre-Release Reviewers: Sheila Harris, Jim Stanley

Dave Spaulding appears courtesy of Dave Spaulding And The DRM Band

Where You Lead (Remastered)

Release Date: March 14, 2020

Track List
1. Where You Lead
2. You Can Use Me
3. Modern Day Isaiah
4. Come On People
5. Babeloney
6. Its Loaded
7. Stony Heart
8. Leave Him For Dead
9. Come To Me
10. Friends Are Friends Forever
11. Where You Lead Barebones (Bonus Track)
12. Don’t Know About Your Jesus (Bonus Track)

Where You Lead

Come On People

Where You Lead was ORIGINALLY released in 2016. It was the first full length CD released by Les and Friends. Though it was a wonderful collection of songs that we are very proud of, It became apparent to me that the mix and mastering was problematic. First, when you are mixing your first project you are prone to make mistakes that you regret later. In addition, when you are a small independent, you don’t have the financial resources to hire a mastering engineer who is going to care about your project and give you mix feedback when needed. For these reasons, I decided to remix and remaster the project in house.

With the remastered version you will find a cleaner, more sonically balanced recording than the original. While remastering, I decided to remix the original tracks. You will find a punchier rhythm section, less mud in the upper lows, more present vocals along with a few surprise changes.

If you liked the original Where You Lead, you will love the remixed and remastered version.

NOTE: Until we exhaust the current inventory of the 2016 Where You Lead, any Where You Lead purchase will include the original and a free copy of the remastered version. After that, we will only be selling the 2020 remastered edition.

Price  $8.00

Both CD’s and Download Cards are available for purchase. Shipping for CD’s is $2.50 while there is no shipping costs for download cards.

Where You Lead CD

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